Thomas Williams is a theologian, author, consultant and international speaker. He holds degrees in theology, philosophy and business administration, as well as a diploma in languages and classical humanities. He taught theology for more than a decade at the Regina Apostolorum Pontifical Athenaeum in Rome, where he served as dean of the theology school for 7 years. He has also taught and lectured in Ireland, Poland, Peru, Venezuela, Spain, Mexico, Switzerland, Germany, Côte D’Ivoire, and the USA. Williams was ordained a Catholic priest in 1994 and later granted a dispensation by the Holy See in order to marry in the Church.

Dr. Williams has served as consultant and commentator on faith, ethics and religion for several television networks, including NBC, CBS and Sky News, covering papal trips and Church affairs, and offering commentary and analysis of ethical issues in the news. He was appointed by the Holy See as spokesperson for the 1997 Synod for America and the 2001 Synod on Bishops.

Dr. Williams was the founding publisher of Zenit News Agency, a post he occupied for 13 years. A prolific writer, Williams has published 15 books and dozens of articles and essays on a broad variety of topics, and has given numerous lectures and speeches on subjects that range from Christian spirituality to media ethics to the new atheism. His latest book, an interview by Robert Moynihan, is titled But for the Grace of God.

Thomas Williams lives in Rome with his wife Elizabeth and their family.